Line-spacing: getting it right

If you’re a new font designer wondering how to set your OpenType font’s em-height and line-spacing, the advice you’ll find online is just about all wrong. Technology has changed, and the historical measures no longer hold true. Here’s how you do it in FontForge.

Addition-only Bezier cubic splines

It’s not so often you need to code your own bezier curves nowadays. If you do, here’s a fast algorithm which uses fewer arithmetic operations — and additions only. I felt very clever when I discovered this a dozen years ago, but I wasn’t the first.

Creating an italic font for Coelacanth

When designing the Coelacanth typeface, my remake of Bruce Roger’s Centaur, I created the italics from scratch because I didn’t feel that Arrighi, the italic normally used with Centaur, really matches the roman. Arrighi is very nice, but quite different. Here’s what I did: